Windows 98/98SE/ME users: The operating system does not have S.M.A.R.T. driver loaded by default. Before installation, you need to copy the file Smartvsd.vxd from Windows\System folder to Windows\System\IoSubsys folder and restart your computer. Please install Hard Disk Sentinel only after this procedure. (the problem is described on the webpage of Microsoft.

After download, the application can be installed on any physical, non-removable hard disk. By default, it offers to install into the Program files folder. It is not recommended and not supported to install to a removable storage (for example, pendrive) because the application constantly saves the current measured values to its database (in its installation folder). Because of this database it is possible to retrieve and graphically display the previously measured values.

During the installation, the icon of the application can be created on the desktop and on the quick launch pad. Hard Disk Sentinel is launched automatically after the installation – if the user does not disable it.


The status window is displayed automatically in the upper right corner. It contains the models, temperature and condition values of installed hard disks. The main window is also displayed, providing detailed information. All features of Hard Disk Sentinel can be accessed from this window.

By default, the application does not make any alarms/warnings but the newly found problems are logged into the hard disk log.

Hard Disk Sentinel automatically saves itself to the registry to run next time with Windows. This way it begins monitoring the hard disk status as soon as Windows starts. Of course this function can be disabled.