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Hard Disc Sentinel img 05 trayiconflash Tray icon

In the lower right corner, next to the clock Hard Disk Sentinel can display the status of hard disks by using tray icon(s). After a fresh installation, an icon with temperature information is displayed for each hard disks (if the temperature can be detected on the hard disk). The application displays high and higher temperatures by using different colors: below 40 Celsius the background of the icon is green, between 40 and 50 the temperature icon is yellow and above 50 it is red. Of course these thresholds and colors can be configured based on the preferences of the user.

When two or more disks have tray icons, it may not be clear which icon belongs to which disk. The icons are displayed in the order of the hard disks (from left to right) but in some cases, these icons can be rearranged because of the operating system or other application using tray icon(s). If the mouse pointer is moved above any Hard Disk Sentinel tray icon, the number, model, the temperature and condition and other information (everything displayed in the status window for the disk) is displayed as a hint.

If the user double clicks (with left button) on any disk tray icon, the main window is displayed with detailed information about all installed hard disks.

Right click on the tray icon displays the quick menu with the most frequent used functions.

Tray icon