Configuration: Status window

Hard Disc Sentinel img 15 c sta Status window

The layout of the status window can be configured on this page. The user can select any color or image to use it as a background for the status window. The selection can be made using the appropriate “Select” button. As a preview, the selected color or image is displayed on the upper right corner. Note: when using an image as background, the image is automatically stretched for the correct size of the status window.

If the Snap to screen edges option is enabled, the status window cannot be moved outside the screen. Instead, the window will be aligned to the border of the screen if it is moved near to any border. If the option is disabled, the window can be moved (partially or fully) outside the screen.

It is possible to configure the transparency of the status window (if this is supported by the operating system) and the user may select the preferred font type, size and color. It is recommended to use correct settings which is easily readable for the user (regarding his preferences and the light, contrast of the environment) but the size of the window should not disturb the user in his work.

It is possible to send mouse clicks to window under the status window. This way the status window will not accept any mouse clicks and dragging operations. The best is to combine this option with the transparency option – so it is possible to click on a window under the status window. Note: if this option is enabled, the status window cannot be moved or selected. The tray icon can be used to access the features of the application.

All information in the status window can be directly displayed on the desktop. The data is displayed “under” all other windows and the information can be examined by clicking the show desktop icon. By using the X and Y coordinates, it is possible to configure the location of the information. Note: the information is displayed above the shortcuts and icons of the desktop, so it is recommended to specify an empty area for the information. The “active desktop” and “display webpage” options should be disabled to use this feature. Note: this function may intensively use the processor so it is not recommended to use it on slower computers.

By using the Fully transparent background, the status window background can be completely transparent – so the window under the status window is visible between the letters and icons. If this option is enabled, the status window may not be hidden by clicking on the red X but hot keys can be used to show/hide the window.

There is a list of possible items to display for each hard disk in the status window. Note: the configured items will be displayed also on the hint window if the mouse is moved over a tray icon.

Under Windows Vista, it is possible to use a Vista gadget to display hard disk information (for example, temperature and health). The visual appearance of the gadget (color, font, hard disks to display) can be adjusted by the status window settings.

Status window