Configuration: Operations, transfer files, folder settings

These functions are available only in the registered PROFESSIONAL version.

Hard Disc Sentinel img 31 mod2 Folder settings

To configure the file and folder transfer, the most important thing is to specify the source and target folders.

It is possible to select or to manually enter the source folder and the destination folder. It is possible to use more than one destination folder (even on different drives or different computers). The files from the source folder will be copied to all such destination folders. It is possible to specify any (one or more) variables when defining the destination folder. For example, it is possible to create different folders based on the user name, the computer name or the IP address. Hard Disk Sentinel automatically creates the folder before archiving if needed.

The %LAST=folder% variable is replaced with the name of the most recently updated sub-folder from the specified “folder”. This is useful if the user wants to store more, different backup states but the most recent files need further processing (for example burning the most recent files to optical disk). This function and its configuration will be described on the project options page.

It is possible to use a shorter form of this option: to specify %LAST% only. In this case, the folder before %LAST% will be searched for the most recent archived folder. For example C:\BACKUP\%LAST=C:\BACKUP% and C:\BACKUP\%LAST% will result the same (the newest archive from C:\BACKUP). If it is required to burn a CD/DVD and one of these examples are provided as a source folder, the most recent folder will be copied to the optical disk.

Note: the %LAST=folder% and %LAST% can be used only if the Use the current date as folder name and keep the last XX complete archives option is enabled.

Note: the folder names can point to local or remote (network) drives. It is also possible to specify UNC paths (for example, \\server\share\folder). Please make sure that the corresponding network resources are available for the application.

Folder settings